Insta Live Series

By Gene DeVaughn

Each week of Insta Live, are Q&As relevant to today’s students, life issues, and ongoing struggles of young Christians. Check out this weekly journey as Gene & Tony try to answer your questions from a Biblical perspective and study God’s Word & His answers on some of life’s most difficult questions. For updated info on the SCBC Youth Ministry, go to Instagram@gene_devaughn.
  • Session 1: Abide|Wed, May 13|Notes (PDF)
  • Session 2: Challenges & Opportunities for the Christian in a College Campus Setting|Video|Wed, May 20 (NO Notes Available)
  • Session 3: Complaining is Contagious|Video|Wed, May 27
  • Session 4: Complainers have a Clouded Perspective|Video|Wed, Jun 3
  • Session 5: Complaining Reveals Your Need for Power and Control|Video|Wed, Jun 10
  • Session 6: Complaining Robs You of Your Potential and Calling|Video|Wed, Jun 17