Winter Weekend 2019

Beginning in 2019, Winter Weekend will replace Disciple Now Weekend (DNOW). Why the name change? Think of Winter Weekend as DNOW 2.0 – the same basic schedule but “next level” in many ways, including…
  • NEW preaching format. Rather than having two or more speakers as usual, Eric Fuller will be preaching all the worship services during Winter Weekend! (Friday night, Saturday morning, Saturday night, and both the 8&11 am services on Sunday morning)
  • NEW date. Winter Weekend will be held on January 18-19, 2019 (MLK holiday weekend) to avoid as many sporting events as possible that would cause students to miss out on this potentially life-changing event. Plus, this new date on a holiday weekend will allow everyone involved to be out of school/work on Monday to sleep in. Score!
  • NEW Bible study format for in-home groups. In past years, the in-home groups have had casual conversations based on what they heard from the large group sermons. But at Winter Weekend, the in-home groups will study through a 4-session curriculum (from YM360.COM) that is written to coincide with our theme. Each student book will also have space for sermon notes during the large-group worship services.
  • NEW personal quiet time material. In addition to the 4-session Winter Weekend curriculum, each student book will also include quiet time material to help students spend time with the Lord throughout the weekend.
  • NEW follow-up devotional book. This one-month daily devotional book will be provided for each student at the end of the weekend so they can continue to grow in their walk with Christ long after the weekend is over! These devotionals are also designed to coincide with our theme.
  • NEW game time on Saturday afternoon. Last year “EPIC Entertainment” led us in a game time, but Winter Weekend will have similar games without the pauses in between – just uninterrupted, high energy games!
  • NEW Sunday morning wrap up schedule. As he did last year, Tony Nolan will be preaching both Sunday morning services at SCBC! However, the Sunday morning schedule will look a little different for all Winter Weekend participants. We’ll arrive at 9:30 am in the fellowship hall for the fourth and final session in the student book. Pastor Gene will teach this session to everyone attending Winter Weekend as a wrap up session. Breakfast will be provided during this time as well, then everyone will attend the 11 am service and a group shot will be taken in the sanctuary immediately following the service.
To register for Winter Weekend 2019, fill out the form below and click “Register” at the bottom of the form. You will also have to fill out a 2019 Permission Form to attend Winter Weekend. Click on this 2019 Permission Form link to print it out. Once you have filled it out, please give it to our Associate Pastor Gene DeVaughn at church or mail it to him at:
Attention: Gene DeVaughn
Shoal Creek Baptist Church
2961 Coosa River Road
Deatsville, AL 36022

Winter Weekend Event Payment