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Mission Possible 3: International Outreach
"The light that shines the furthest shines the brightest at home."
At Shoal Creek Baptist Church, Mission Possible 3 means: We work with missionaries globally to plant churches among unreached people groups.

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2018 International Mission Journeys
July 14-20: Nicaragua, Cost is $1,700 
Mission Partner: www.concernfortheworld.org
September 12-22: Ireland, Cost is $2,000
August 31 - September 8: Extreme Missionary Adventures, Honduras-Nicaragua Border, Cost is $1,750. For more info, contact Robert Renfroe at (334) 657-7912.
5 years and Still Growing
Believe it or not, we just recently passed our five year mark here serving in Ireland!! What a five years it's been. A time when we've grown as a family, in our ministry, and in our confirmation and calling that this is indeed where the Lord would have us to be, "for such a time as this". We are so grateful for you all, many of whom have been with us for our entire journey. Let us say it, yet again,- we could not do what we do without you. Thank you from the bottom of our heart.

Perhaps the biggest, most exciting, and at the same time, scariest news we could share with you this time is that Ludie has been nominated to serve our local church, Cherith Athlone Baptist, as an elder. the church will hold a special business meeting on February 27th to vote. Would you please pray that the Lord's will be done in this matter, and that we would have perfect peace, regardless of the outcome.
Books for Bible College:
In our last update we announced that Ludie had been accepted and enrolled at Munster Bible College, a partnership between Irish Baptist Missions and Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, KY. In January, Ludie completed his first module of lectures in the area of apologetics. During the session, the textbook requirements for future modules were announced. Frequently we are asked if we have specific needs. The cost of college tuition and textbooks would be specific needs that are not included in our regular monthly support budget. All the required textbooks are available from the Book Depository dot com, and if you are so led, you can purchase them and have them shipped directly to us (prices include shipping to Ireland). We would be so grateful for your investment in Ludie's theological training in this most practical of ways. You can order books by clicking on the logo below or by clicking here. Thanks so much for your consideration.
Follow The Creech Family:

Whether you are contemplating a mission trip for the first time, or are a veteran missionary, Concern for the World makes the process of going an easy experience. For over 50 years, we have worked the details of helping God's people to evangelize the lost and start churches worldwide. You can trust us to handle all the arrangements to get you there and back, along with the ministry logistics in the field.

Our easy sign-up process involves you applying for the journey, supplying additional information for journey logistics, and providing or raising funding for the trip. If needed, we will give you some pointers on how to raise your funds. We can make a difference together. There is a world waiting on us to bring the light of the Gospel to their doorstep. Find your journey, sign-up, and get going!
Operation Mobilization works in over 110 countries, motivating and equipping people to share God's love with people all over the world. OM seeks to bring the message of Jesus Christ to the peoples of the world through literature, the creative arts, friendship, Bible studies, videos, correspondence courses, relief and development work, and much more. For more information, click on the OM International logo above.
Visit the Operation Mobilization Ireland website at www.ie.om.org
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