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  • REACH people with the gospel of Jesus Christ
  • TEACH people the truths of the Word of God
  • MINISTER to people with the Love of Christ
  • MULTIPLY God's Kingdom by making disciples of Jesus Christ
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Mission Possible 1: Local Outreach
"The light that shines the furthest shines the brightest at home."
At Shoal Creek Baptist Church, Mission Possible 1 means: Reaching the community for Christ, touching every home within a 10 mile radius of our church, servant evangelism, and community events such as, The Great Eggsit (Saturday before Easter Sunday), Vacation Bible School (during the Summer), Light the Night with Jesus (October 31), and much more.
How do we reach our local community? First, you need to know which Quadrant you live in. Don't know which one? That's easy . . . go to our Mission's Hallway and look at the MP1 Local Evangelism Map and locate where you live. Don't know how to reach people in your Quadrant? We've got you covered. Below is a list of things to help you get started. These are normal activities we all do as WE GO in our daily lives. They are divided in the areas of Reach, Teach, and Minister; our mission at Shoal Creek Baptist Church.
Reach Teach Minister Multiply
Daily Personal Evangelism Family Time in God's Word Daily Personal Evangelism Daily Personal Evangelism
Yard Sales Connection Classes Cleaning Homes Connection Classes
One on One Evangelism Immerse Classes Cutting Grass for Others Immerse Classes
Cook Outs Online Blogs First Responders Church Planting
Sports Events Participate in a
Quench Class
Follow up Guest Visits Ministers
Inner City Evangelism In Home Prayer Groups Hospital Visits Missionaries
Game Night Kid's Home Bible Study Preparing Meals Tithes/Offerings
Progressive Dinners Daily Personal Evangelism Phone Calls  
Community Events   Sending Cards  

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