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Nursery JANUARY 2018
Don't forget to check the Nursery and Children's Church schedule each month. We post the schedule every month for both Morning Worship Services at 8:00 and 11:00 am and for the Evening Worship Service at 5:00 pm.



Sunday Mornings at 8:00 am:

Room January 7 January 14 January 21 January 28
Babies Scott & Shannon
Janae Bryant
Rachel Conner
Sandy Bice
Stephanie Davis
Barry & Sandy
Leah Kilzer
Sarah Schantz
Toddlers Ashley Godwin
Hayley Guthrie
Zoie Guthrie
James & Ashley
Cassidy Scarbrough
Tori Rice
Kaitlin Jordan
Michaela Oswalt
Tammy Armstrong
2 year olds Heath & Brittany
Ansley Aldridge
Chrystal Searcy
Karen Bryant
Ryan Batyski
Drew & Kimberly
3 year olds Grace & Eden Bartlett
Michaela Powell
Darrell & Stephanie
Kelly Findley
Clayton Russell
Wesley Harris
Casady Hallagin
 Children's Church
4 yrs-Kindergarten
Hayley Lavender
Kelly Parham
Justin & Emily
Kiley & Shanna
Vivian Bush
Carolyn Wadsworth

Sunday Mornings at 11:00 am:

Room January 7 January 14 January 21 January 28
Babies Jordan & Emily
Lori Echols
Stephanie Nobles
Christie Nelson
Hayley Lavender
Patrick & Nicole
Toddlers Steven & Amanda
Brad & Mallory
Terrie & Kaylie
Erin Kreauter
Courtney Gray
Lesley DeVaughn
2 Year Olds Bobbi & Caraline
Jonathan & Lindsey
Ryan & Angela
Josh & Bridget
Michelle Darnell
3 Year Olds Crystal Smith
Volunteer Needed
Jason & Kellyn
Chasity Rainwater
Amanda DeVaughn
Rachel Beers
Ariana Deavers
Children's Church
4 yrs-Kindergarten
Ben & Crystal
Chris & Mandi
Tony & Karen
Steve & Cindy

Sunday Evenings at 5:00 pm:

Room January 7 January 14 January 21 January 28
Babies Sharee Hileman Patrick & Nicole Horn
Shannon Beers
Karen Skipworth
Deidre Odom
Wendy Brackin
Toddlers Jasmine Grier
Carli Watkins
Steve & Carol
Madison Renfroe
Ryleigh Anne Lott
Traci & Caroline
Year Olds
Carter & Kelly
Gail Russell
Rachel Beers
Austin Lankford
Brylie White
Casey Batyski
Rachel Beers

Nursery and Preschool:   
If for some reason you are unable to work on the Sunday you are assigned, please contact another volunteer on your list to swap with you. Remember to arrive at least 15 minutes prior to your hour to serve. Thank you to all of our preschool volunteers who give of their time each week to minister to the children of SCBC.
Creek Kids Worship:
Let kids worship...like kids! That's what Worship KidStyle is all about. Fun music videos with motions lift hearts and hands to God. Cool arts and crafts bring focus on the Creator. Attention-holding, life application videos tell stories kids can relate to!

Worship KidStyle will bring Bible stories to life and bring the day’s truth home in a way kids will understand. School-age children will watch attention-holding life application videos that speak to them in their own language and show them how God’s Word relates to their lives – today!

We offer Creek Kids Worship for children 4 years old - Kindergarten each Sunday during the 8:00 & 11:00 am Morning Worship Service (except on major holidays and special events).

For the 11:00 am
Creek Kids Worship:
the end of their Sunday School class (9:30 - 10:45 am), children 4 yrs - Kindergarten will be escorted by a teacher to Room E4 where they will gather for Creek Kids Worship for a bible lesson, praise music, offering, prayer, games, and crafts.

You can pick up your children immediately following the worship service in Room E4. Every moment that we have with your child is a moment we use to point them toward Jesus. Thank you for allowing us the privil    ege of ministering to your children.
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